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One of the oldest Torrent websites on the Internet is 1337X and as well as many other similar projects it is getting pretty big pressure from governments, anti-piracy companies, and Internet Service Providers.

Result of this pressure - global bans from opening on the ISP level.

How do you deal with these types of torrent websites?

Just use a mirror, which is not blocked at the moment. And when it will - we will automatically rotate to the new one so you can use 1337X torrent website to download and watch movies whenever you want!

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Table of contents:

  1. What is 1337x and why you need a 1337x proxy?
  2. How to Navigate 1337x Proxy Mirror List
  3. 1337x Mirror Sites
  4. What You Can Find on 1337x proxy list
  5. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing on 1337x Mirror
  6. Torrents
  7. HTTP Protocol VS. BitTorrent
  8. Popular Torrent Terms to Know
  9. Pros of 1337x torrent
  10. Easy to Find and Browse Files
  11. Fast Download Speeds
  12. Downloads Unaffected by Interruptions
  13. Website Stands Strong
  14. Cons of 1337x
  15. Possibility of Downloading Malicious Content
  16. Exposed IP Address
  17. Learning Curve if You Have Not Downloaded Torrents Before
  18. Popups can be Tiring
  19. Why ISPs Block 1337x
  20. Is 1337x Illegal?
  21. How to Unblock 1337x
  22. What to Look for in a VPN for Downloading Torrents
  23. Downloading a Torrent Client
  24. Downloading the File
  25. How to Increase Download Speed
  26. How to Upload to 1337x
  27. Alternatives to Use If the Site is Down
  28. Final Thoughts

What is 1337x and why you need a 1337x proxy?

1337x is one of the most popular torrent sites that you can use to find and download different torrent documents.

1337x was founded in 2007, but did not hit again in popularity until Kickass Torrents closed in 2016. This prompted the site to overhaul its design and add in new features that you would normally see in mirror sites - in October that year.

Until that point, torrent websites were considered subpar and had some serious security concerns when users try to download free movies.

You will notice that 1337x proxy uses a different Internet country code top-level domain than most popular torrent websites internationally, if not all, but with other sites you come in contact with - to download torrent files. The “.to” domain extension belongs to the island Kingdom of Tonga, and 1337x 'kickass torrents' changed to this in 2015 to avoid Google from blocking the proxy site from search bar.

How to Navigate 1337x Proxy Mirror List

1337x does the hard work of collecting and organizing torrent files in a torrent folder, and using it is not always straightforward. There is a lot that goes into peer-to-peer file sharing, including understanding its pros and cons, legalities, and how to get around on and use the site.

If you are still interested to learn how to download torrents using the top torrent sites like 1337x or the pirate bay, read on to learn all you need to know about 1337x mirror websites and some key background information on peer-to-peer networks, torrents, and VPNs that will come in handy. We will also look at downloading and uploading on the site and alternative mirror websites you can use if there is a problem with downloading movies.

1337x Mirror Sites

These 1337x mirror sites are a replica of the original. While they have a slightly different URL you can expect the same content on the original 1337x on any of the mirror websites.

1337x mirror sites are used for many reasons, including reducing traffic, improving your speed on the site, making sure it is available, and backing the site up in real-time. If you have an issue with the original domain then trying one of the mirror websites is the first step.

What You Can Find on 1337x

HV Times considers 1337x torrent as one of the 10 best torrent sites you can use to download films in 2021, and they point out that it is a fantastic choice for movies and television series. This is what most users prefer to use 1337x for, (downloading files and download movies) but you can find all sorts of other files, including:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Applications
  • Anime (the site keeps this in its separate section)
  • Documentaries
  • Adult content

You can also download other miscellaneous files and magnet links like magazines and web courses in the “other” section of the torrent websites.

If you know what file you are looking for you can also utilize the search feature offered by 1337x proxy sites.

This is a quick and easy way to find exact files and reduce the chance that you download something malicious on accident on a torrent site.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing on 1337x Mirror

1377x proxy sites utilize peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing to distribute media on the site.

Earlier sites that did this would work on early networks like Napster, but the later models use the BitTorrent protocol.

P2P sharing is not only for individuals sitting at home. Companies like Microsoft can use it to distribute data in easier ways, like updates and gameplay.

The biggest issue with P2P sharing revolves around copyright. While file-sharing itself is not illegal, some individuals use it for the illegal transfer of copyrighted material. P2P networks are not illegal themselves, and they have plenty of legitimate uses.

The repercussions depend heavily on your location, but everyone should understand that when you are part of a P2P file-sharing network using the 1337x torrent sites you need to put in extra work to protect your computer and personal information.


Torrents are files that use the BitTorrent protocol. They are a great way to partake in P2P sharing, and you usually identify them through their “.TORRENT” file extensions.

These can also be dangerous, but not inherently. The biggest issue with downloading torrents especially from sites like pirate bay proxy websites is how you do it. This can make it too easy to download files:

  • That do not have the proper permission
  • That are actually malware
  • In a way that gives others access to your IP address

That being said, understanding how torrents differ from traditional files and some popular terms can help you easily navigate sites like 1377x in a safer way.

HTTP Protocol VS. BitTorrent

When you download a file using HTTP protocol you typically visit the page, click the download link, and save the file to your computer. These files are located on a server that is designed so many people can use them at once, and the files exist only at that proxy server. Anyone who can access it can download it.

BitTorrent works differently. You will need to use a program that can communicate over BitTorrent, such as uTorrent. You open this program, and then open the torrent file and save it to your computer.

When you are downloading a 1337x torrent you are taking data that can exist on many servers at once, and these are usually just the personal computers of individuals who also have the file. You do not need any fancy hardware, and anyone who downloads even just a portion of the file can operate as a torrent client for that file.

Popular Torrent Terms to Know

Torrents are pretty straightforward files, but there are some key terms to know to navigate torrent sites.

  • Seed: to share a file. The “seed count” is the number of people who are sharing the full file, and no one can download the entire file if the seed count is at 0.
  • Peer: someone who is currently downloading the file but does not have the entire thing yet.
  • Leech: a person who downloads more than they upload. Leechers might not upload anything after downloading the full file.
  • Swarm: group downloading the same file.
  • Tracker: a proxy server that tracks and helps users connects.

These are universal terms that you will see on 1337x torrent and other torrent directories.

Popular Torrent Terms to Know

Pros of 1337x

Public opinion on unblock 1337x varies, but most agree that the site features:

  • An easy to navigate interface
  • Fast download speeds
  • Sturdy downloads
  • A strong online presence

In addition to what 1337x torrent sites already provide, these help 1337x proxy list stand out above competitors.

Easy to Find and Browse Files

When you start on the 1377x proxy sites home page you can move on to different categories like movies or TV shows or you can search what you are looking for.

When you search for a file you can also limit your search by selecting a category for the search and sorting by time, size, seeders, and leechers.

You can also browse torrents based on what is trending in each category or by checking out the Top 100 kickass torrents list. 1337x proxy site will post new television show episodes in their section to help you keep on top of things.

1337x proxy websites have links to other torrent sites like the Lime Torrents to help you find files even if they are not on the site.

Easy to Find and Browse Files

Fast Download Speeds

When you download from a P2P network you can benefit from better download speeds. This is intrinsic to peer-to-peer sharing. Because you are downloading by taking bits and pieces from others’ files you benefit from an easier workload that translates into shorter download times.

This is because the workload is split up on multiple 1337x proxy sites. Downloads that rely on a single client-based server can end up overwhelmed and diminish performance to let all clients reach the information.

Downloads Unaffected by Interruptions

When you download a traditional file you are usually on the lookout for things that can mess with your download, such as your computer turning off or losing internet connection.

When you download on a torrent site, these things are not a problem. You will not need to restart the download if something happens to the initial torrent site.

Depending on the torrent website client you use you might even be able to pause the download on one device and pick it up on another. Torrents provide much more versatility in downloading.

Website Stands Strong

When it comes to staying in service, 1337x proxy sites show great promises. The site has plenty of mirror sites that are backing it up in real-time, and the mirror domains help prevent ISPs from blocking it. 1337x proxy sites have done fantastic jobs of responding to public concerns and creating a secure site to keep users in the business.

Cons of 1337x

The downsides of unblock 1337x proxy are what is standard with most torrent sites, including the possibility to download malware, exposure of your IP address, needing to learn a new way to download files, and dealing with popups.

There are also solutions to all of these issues.

Possibility of Downloading Malicious Content

As with any other torrent website, there is the possibility to download files that:

  • Are not what they say they are 
  • Are poor quality
  • Are malware

This is why it is important to navigate 1337x mirrors carefully and do your best to determine the value of the files you are downloading. By employing antivirus software and a VPN you can protect your computer and your personal information.

You can easily waste your time downloading bogus files, so knowing what you are looking for and how to identify good torrent clients beforehand can save you time and strife.

Exposed IP Address

When you click on the download button using a P2P network on your computer you are consenting to share your information with the network, including your initial IP address. This is not always an issue, but it opens the doors for others to see your IP address and potentially infect you with malicious codes.

This does not mean that other people are trying to do this, but it can happen accidentally, especially if someone on the same network downloads something harmful.

An exposed IP address can also link you to illegal activity, even if you are not partaking in it yourself. This is very much a “guilt by association” scenario.

Using a VPN service can help you avoid these issues.

Learning Curve if You Have Not Downloaded Torrents Before

If you have not downloaded torrents before then the process to do so safely can be daunting.

BitTorrent protocol involves more steps than HTTP, but the steps are pretty easy to understand.

The good news here is that once you run through it the first time you have a pretty good idea of the process for all downloads. It might come off as a lot to do when you are reading or watching a how-to, but the practice becomes second nature early on.

Popups can be Tiring

If you do not have a popup blocker then using 1337x can result in quite a few popup windows and tabs. These pop-ups happen almost every time you click on something on the website, and can even occur if you let it sit for a second.

While this is annoying, it is also easily avoidable. Making sure your browser does not allow popups is the first step, as well as employing an ad blocker and antivirus software.

Why ISPs Block 1337x

Internet service providers will geo blocked torrent sites for a few reasons, and these vary depending on your location and any applicable laws.

The major argument against torrenting sites like 13377x is that some users will use them to share files that violate copyrights. These laws change depending on your location, and also include clauses for fair use that should be considered.

Many ISPs do not want to pick up any of the liability in the case that a user partakes in illegal activities, or they are not comfortable with the reasonable share of IP addresses. It is easier for an ISP to block the website than it is for them to try to have the site taken down, and they would rather do that than end up guilty by association.

Is 1337x Illegal?

Torrent sites like 1337x are not illegal, and neither is P2P sharing.

To make sure you are using it in a legal way you should not download or share any files without permission from the copyright holder.

How to Unblock 1337x

If you find that 1337x is blocked by your ISP the first step is to unblock 1337x by checking out any of the mirror sites you can find listed. 1337x regularly lists and checks its verified mirror sites, so keep track of those in case the site ends up blocked from your internet service.

If that does not solve the problem you should look into downloading a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These networks provide you with online privacy and help you remain anonymous.

When you use a VPN you are masking your IP address online, and your activity is much more difficult to trace. VPNs create a tunnel of data between your current network and an exit node somewhere else. This can be thousands of miles away in a random location or you can choose the location.

VPN services also use encryption to scramble data on your line. Even if someone gets to take a peek at your stuff, they should not be able to read it. Any activity you do online is also associated with the VPN server’s IP address, protecting yours from those guilty by association accusations.

What to Look for in a VPN for Downloading Torrents

First off, it does not matter whether you are paying for a VPN or using a free one. You are just more likely to get the benefits you need (and more) when paying for this service, and you are less likely to mistake a fake VPN for an authentic one when paying for a trustworthy name.

When looking for a VPN you need to look for a few things, including:

  • Support for P2P sharing
  • A zero-logging policy (meaning that none of your session data is monitored or stored)
  • A kill switch that drops your internet connection immediately if the VPN connection drops (so you do not continue activity unprotected)

Look for VPNs with fast speeds and a great reputation. Some names recommended specifically for torrent downloads are ProtonVPN.

Downloading a Torrent Client

If you do not already have a torrent client you will need to download one to complete the process. The most popular one is uTorrent, but other names you can look at are:

  • BitComet
  • BitLord
  • Deluce
  • itTorrent
  • Transmission
  • Tribler

There are usually free and pro versions for every torrent client, but the free version should be enough to get you by. The free version of the uTorrent will let you pause and resume your download and even transfer the file to another computer before the download completes.

Once you select a torrent client to download, follow the instructions it provides. You do not need to bother to launch it yet.

Downloading the File

When the torrent client is downloaded, go to 1337x and find the torrent you want to download.

When you find one that you want and click on it it will open up the download page. At this point, you have two options: torrent download or mirror download.

Select torrent download, and when the next screen pops up click “okay”. The file will download, and you should get a notification when it is done.

Downloading the File

How to Increase Download Speed

Downloading on unblock 13377x is usually a quick process, but there are a few things you can do to increase your speed.

Start by checking out how my seeders there on a file, and choose the file with more if you trust it and are able to. Conversely, avoid files with a lot of leechers. These will have a slower transfer of data.

Avoiding wifi is always standard when possible. In most cases linking your computer directly to your internet source with an ethernet cord will increase your download speed.

Make sure you are downloading files one by one. If you feel comfortable you can also bypass your firewall, but this might be more risk than it is worth.

If none of that increases your download speed then it might be time to upgrade to an internet plan with a higher speed.

How to Upload to 1337x

Uploading to 1337x mirror at this point is a bit tricky.

You can register on the website and sign into your account, but when you click upgrade you are likely to get a request to upgrade your account.

This upgrade can only be done by a moderator. You can contact them, but unless you have proof that you provide valuable files to other torrent sites then they are not likely to upgrade your account.

When filling out your request form make sure you include anything that proves your track record. Moderators on 1337x will not go off word alone, and you should also let them in on what types of torrents you plan to upload - if they are pirated copies or not.

Alternatives to Use If the Site is Down

Some of the best alternatives for unblock 1337x that you can use if the site is down or you cannot seem to access it include:

  • The Pirate Bay is a torrent site that originated in Sweden. You can expect the same variety of files on the site, but there might be slight variations.
  • Zooqle is the site boasting more than 6.1 million verified torrents. Not only do you have a large number of torrents to work with, but they are organized in a smart way. You can easily filter through with options like file size or language to pin down what you are looking for.
  • LimeTorrents is widely known for hosting the most verified torrent files. This cuts your chance of downloading malware down quite a bit. You can also search sign and sort through files by date, size, seeders, and leechers here.

These sites have reputations similar to 1337x, and you can expect the same quality level in copyrighted content.

Final Thoughts

Using 1337x proxy is not illegal, but there are still steps you need to take to ensure you are downloading kickass torrent safely and legally. Always use antivirus software and a VPN service, and make sure you trust the files you are downloading.

Apart from that, enjoy the time you are saving with one of the best torrent directories out there.

Final Thoughts