Free and Private 1337X Proxy List

About Us

The main idea of our job is to provide people with an easy access to torrenting despite the censoring coming from anti-piracy companies which don't care about basic freedom rights. All they care is money, that's why you see constant domain bans and stuff.

They wont be able to silence community, mirrors will continue to pop-up and that's why we host one ourselves. We will help you to get access to 1337x website even if Internet Service Provider already banned the access in your country. Every time you download something and can't open the official page - try the mirror instead and you will get the same result at the end. Do not forget about your privacy tho, for example you can use TOR or VPN.

We use privacy-oriented service providers which will help us fight with copyright claims which are often unfair and in some cases are against the law. We do not share any information with people outside of our project.